Want To Love Your Body More? Get Naked

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The power found in spending time naked.

Dear beautiful souls, I am writing this for you this morning from the comfort of my office at Life Within Health & Healing enjoying my coffee and yes I am naked. There is something immensely powerful about sitting in your own body, doing everyday things while naked. Most people these days are so self-conscious, and so self-critical about their body, but if you can let that all go and give yourself permission to get naked you will find a whole new world open up for you. The people that have given themselves permission to get naked have later commented to me how freeing and powerful it is to just simply be without clothing on.

The experience can be different for each individual. but for most people, the act of nudity provides a level of connectedness to the earth around you. I find that after a period of time being naked, the mind is clearer and you become more relaxed, but the biggest thing is you will find you are less critical of yourself. For me, as I looked into the mirror I would notice my saggy fat around my waist, my short penis and my short legs etc, but now I can actually, without sarcasm, send my body love and positive energy. I have found self-acceptance within my own self and feel so much more alive and happier. I believe that this is a powerful and rare moment for any person to have, regardless of age, shape, or size. Moments of nudity is a great form of therapy.

Now being naked by yourself is great and we should all spend more naked time around our home, but once you have mastered that free feeling, try being naked around other people (men and women) in a non-sexual way. This is a whole new experience.

You may feel deeply uncomfortable and yet oddly comforting. It is boundary-pushing and yet oddly relaxing. It is certainly inspiring to say the least. As you settle into being naked more and more you will soon realize what is happening. You will look at every other soul around you and find beauty in their bodies. Regardless of age, weight, scars, and supposed imperfections, you will see beauty everywhere. The act of being naked together is an act of shared vulnerability, even if you never talk to each other it immediately created a bond, a sense of compassion for those naked around you, a sense of empathy, you will become less critical of everyone around you, and in turn, you immediately become less critical of yourself. So the question is, how can you find beauty in everyone else, and yet revile your own body as being ugly & or unworthy?

The answer, of course, is that you can not. It is most likely that those around you are seeing the beauty in you, that's right, they are seeing the beauty in the same places you see the flaws in yourself.

The act of spending time naked with other souls creates a normalization of the naked human body, in all its shapes and forms, which allows you to see all bodies including your own body, as a beautiful thing, rather than something to critically assess.

In today's world, we have lost that connection with our body but by spending time naked you will soon discover that connection once again without consciously realizing it.

I encourage you all to get naked and give it a go. Connect to yourself on a soul level. Become a believer in the power and the healing of connecting to the naked body. It is incredible. Getting naked, you will find yourself becoming more relaxed and calm, and centered in your own body, connect to it, listen to it, and acknowledge it. This is now a new found spiritual ritual for your daily life. Get naked at least once a week, strip off your clothes and relax into a comfortable chair, and take ten minutes of quiet solitude to enjoy and connect to your beautiful body, send it love and acceptance, you will feel more centered and calm afterward. The more you spend time naked, the more you will be able to hold those feelings of love toward yourself, your body, and your whole being as a constant state of being.

In today’s world, there is never a lack of criticism on how we should look, or how our bodies should be. It surrounds us constantly, both overtly and subtly, telling us to look critically at how we fail to live up to whatever perfection is. At the same time, there is a desperate scarcity of self-love, of body love, of positive examples of how to embrace our bodies, accept them, and move within them holding them as a cherished friend rather than an enemy that must be conquered.

Stop worrying.

We're our own worst critics. Yes, you might know about every single one of your flaws, but that's only because you're scrutinizing yourself on a regular basis. Put that magnifying mirror away and start focusing on the things you love about your body. If you're worried about how your partner will think of you naked, realize that he or she is probably too excited about the fact that you're naked at all to think about how big or small your butt, boobs, penis, and vagina are. Let it go, get naked and have fun!

My wish for each of you is that you can find your own way to honor your body in small moments and connect to a sense of love and acceptance of where you are, right now.

It is an amazing feeling to press pause on the barrage of negative feelings and direct some love to your body and your soul.

Go nude.

Sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea. Try some yoga stretches in the buff. Dance. Whatever works for you is what is right. It is now time to find your peace. xx

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My mission is to bring about more places that people can spend and or experience the freedom to be naked

and to make people aware that clothing is destroying our planet & making us sick.

The naked body is beautiful and is our natural state.


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