Get Out In Nature

We spend so much time confined in, steel, concrete and brick buildings that we quickly forget where we truly come from. Human beings belong in nature. Our soul begs us to experience the great outdoors naked which engages all our senses and fills ourselves with an appreciation for our beautiful body and for the beautiful world you live in. By being outside we are breathing fresh air, listening to the beautiful sounds that echo through the trees, feeling the warm sun on our naked skin and the grass and dirt beneath our feet.

Letting go of blame and negative feelings about our naked body is a practice that is reflected by a number of spiritual traditions. Modern science shows the health benefits of forgiveness are numerous: better immune function, longer lifespan, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and fewer feelings of anger or hurt.

The best six doctors anywhere

Sunshine on our bare skin, Pure Water, Rest, Fresh Air, Exercise & Healthy Diet.

Is it time for you to start loving your naked body?

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My mission is to bring about more places that people can spend and or experience the freedom to be naked

and to make people aware that clothing is destroying our planet & making us sick.

The naked body is beautiful and is our natural state.


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