Benefits Of Oiling Your Belly Button

Our belly button is surely an amazing, magical and wonderful part of our body. All our veins are connected to our belly button which makes it the focal point of our body. The “PECHOTI” (Navel) is situated behind the belly-button which has 72,000 plus veins over it. The amazing thing here is, the umbilical cord vessels, connecting the inside of the belly button to other parts of the body remain intact after birth.

Paraumbilical veins connect the inside of the umbilicus to the round ligament of the liver and drain into the hepatic portal vein.

These vessels still serve a purpose when we are adults.

The belly button is very unique in its nature. It stores millions of bacteria and the composition of the bacteria is different in different persons. The belly button connects to thousands of veins that lead to a different part of the body. Most problems related to our health is the result of dryness of veins. When we put oil on the belly button, it removes all dryness and helps us to get rid of that problem. Actually, it detects the vein which is dry and supplies blood to it. Putting oil in the belly button has religious value. The ideal time to put oil in the belly button is before sleep each night.  It will deal with a lot of health issue with no side effects.

Benefits Of Oiling Belly Button Here are some solutions to different problems that can be fixed by putting oil in the belly button:

Neem Oil Neem oil is known for its medicinal properties as it helps in repairing the damaged skin. The germ-fighting property of neem oil helps in getting pimples-free and acne-free skin. It makes the skin tone even and gives clear and fair skin. Neem oil also helps in removing white and dark spots. It also reduces itches and rashes on the skin.

Almond Oil Almond oil works wonder on your face skin and body. It gives a glowing skin. Almond oil helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes. It helps in removing wrinkles and making the skin soft and supple. It heals the cracked and dry lips. To get the maximum benefit out of this oil, it’s better to warm up some almond oil and then apply it in and around the belly button.

Mustard Oil Mustard oil helps in getting relief from gastric trouble, stomach pain, and irregular bowel movement. It acts as a moisturizer and also reduces the darkness of your lips and makes it smooth and soft. It removes dirt from the navel, reduces nasal congestion. and acts as an antibacterial agent. Mustard oil also gives shiny nails and removes nail fungus.

Coconut Oil Coconut oil works wonder on your skin and hair. It helps in improving eyesight and also getting rid of the dryness of eyes. Coconut oil gives relief from stomach cramps, menstrual pain and also treats common cold and cough. Coconut oil helps in reducing dandruff. It also helps in improving the fertility rate in women.

Lemon Oil Lemon oil helps in reducing the acne, dark spots and scars. It also helps in getting rid of pigmentation on the face and also reduces dark and white patches on the face.

Clarified Butter or Pure Ghee Applying ghee on the navel helps to soften your skin. When warm ghee is applied on baby’s navel it makes the bones stronger. It improves blood flow to the nervous system and also enhances the immunity system. It cures constipation and builds a strong digestive system. It gives relief from joint pain.

Castor Oil Castor oil helps in giving relief from knee pain and stomach pain. It helps in reducing the intestinal swelling in an infant. It makes eyelashes long and black. It also helps in growing thick and long hairs.

Olive Oil Olive helps in reducing the joints pain. It also reduces dark circles under the eyes. It promotes proper growth of an infant. It aids in building strong memory power and also improves concentration power in children. Olive oil aids in building strong muscles and bones. It keeps a check on the liver problem and treats the lack of appetite in children. It helps in having a proper and sound sleep.

So why not give it a try, The navel is the powerhouse of our body.

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