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Sunnyside North Beach, Melbourne
You’ll find Melbourne’s favourite nude beach hidden away near Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. Not for the faint of heart, this beach attracts quite the crowd of stark swimmers since clothing became optional way back in 1983. That said, the non-nude beach is only a short walk from Sunnyside North, so if you’re not feeling the nude – you can wander over to the clothed area.

Cobblers Nude Beach, Sydney
Most Sydney beaches become packed in the summer months, but Cobblers Beach is a tranquil one that has little pedestrian traffic. Only a short distance north from Middle Head, this nude beach greets you with a picturesque view of the harbour and some spectacular snorkelling.

Lady Jane Nudist Beach, Sydney

When it came to the nude beach movement, Lady Jane Beach was a pioneer of sorts. It was officially declared a designated nudist beach in 1976 by then New South Wales Premier, Neville Wren. Since then, it’s become quite beloved by everyone although has earned a reputation for being quite the boy’s club. That said, it offers some sensational views and is located between South Head and Camp Cove.

Obelisk Nude Beach, Sydney

If the idea of a nude beach frightens you, but you want to dip your toe in the paddling pool of public nudity anyway – Obelisk is the place to start. It’s far smaller and more private than Cobblers and offers beautiful panoramic views of Watsons Bay. You will have to walk quite a bit once you’ve parked the car, but it’s completely worth it when you set foot on the thin strip of sand here.

Jibbon Beach, Sydney
The nudist hotspot of Southern Sydney, and one where many an eager boater from that area has landed ashore only to be confronted by a show of very naked people. It's little Jibbon beach, located just across the Port Hacking from Cronulla, that attracts the bulk of nudists but be warned, it's neither officially a nude beach nor particularly private.

Werrong Beach, Sydney
Another nudist beach famous amongst those who frequent the Royal National park, this one is closer to the small village of Otford, just up from Stanwell Park. However, it's more of a challenge to get to, with a significant hike rewarded with a properly stunning place to get your tackle out at the end.

Cow Bay, Queensland
Sheltered by the Daintree Rainforest near Cairns, beaches don’t get much better than this stunningly remote spot. It has everything you would want to get your kit off, but unfortunately, there are crocs and jellyfish in the water which, naturally, puts a bit of a dampener on the mood. Also, it’s not an official nude beach – yep, Queensland is the only state in Australia not to have a legal nude beach. Nude up at your own risk!

Alexandria Bay, Sunshine Coast

Perhaps the greatest nude beach experience in Australia also comes with the most risk. Despite being an unofficial nudist hotspot among the exhibitionist ramblers willing to track it through the Noosa National Park to get there, it's not legally a nudist beach. In fact, Queensland doesn't have any. So get your kit off at your own risk.

Maslin Beach, Adelaide
Home to what was once called the Nude Olympics, Maslin Beach hosts naked three-legged races and has done since 1983. Sadly, the name had to be changed due to a peeved International Olympic Committee team, who wasn’t impressed. Now called the Pilwarren Maslin Beach nude Games, you’ll be sure to see the best bums on show.

North Swanbourne Beach, Perth
Since the introduction of signage in 2008 made it very clear which areas of the beach are ‘clothing optional’ and which parts aren’t, North Swanbourne has become quite a hit amongst those wanting to bare the flesh. This open-strip of sand is also just a short, 20-minute drive from the city centre.


Naked Yoga

Rosie's Women's Nude Yoga workshop, Perth, Western Australia.

Rosie’s Women’s Nude Yoga workshop is a 3.5-hour immersion held in a private, heated, candlelit yoga studio.

Men's naked yoga in Potts Point, Sydney
Naked yoga classes for men in Potts Point, Sydney. Private & group yoga for beginners through to advanced.

The Nude Blogger, NUDE YOGA
The beautiful thing about my naked yoga offerings is that they are representative of diversity and are welcoming and inclusive of first-time nudies, first-time yogis, seasoned nudies, seasoned yogis, and a combination of all of these! So, rest assured, wherever you fall on this spectrum…my classes are totally accessible and cater to this array of diversity.


Brisbane Naturists

Brisbane Naturists is an online community which started life in late 2007 on Facebook. Since then, it has grown to nearly 500 members from all walks of life. We are expanding into becoming a real-life community and using the website as a means of communication between the viewer and the group itself.

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