The Naked Office




Have you ever complained or felt uncomfortable about the dress code at your workplace? or have you felt like stripping down to the bare minimum on those hot summer days? Well now is your chance to work naked for a day, a week, or even a month.

Get your boss and or your work colleges together and suggest

The Naked Office Experiment.


Before you jump out of your skin, there is a spiritual based science behind this.

Now there may be mixed views on this idea but what we are looking for is the true impact of openness and comfort around your boss & colleagues. We are also looking to see if being and feeling more comfortable and natural at work inspires and gives you the motivation to be more productive at your workplace. or does it make you appreciate your own body and the bodies of others in a non-sexual way?

Now there has been another social experiment in the past where the employees were asked to come to work naked for a day, and not surprisingly it helped in so many ways.

The employees say that it took them about an hour for things to stop being weird and start being natural & awesome. Once the initial shock had abated, they realized that the benefits were astounding. With nothing to hide, they instantly shared a deep and trusting bond and productivity skyrocketed.


Indeed this seems like a bold move but how far would you and your employees go to have a more relaxed, comfortable, & natural workplace?

What is the most extreme step your office has taken to foster openness and boost employee morale?

Let us know here and we will add your comments below.

My mission is to bring about more places that people can spend and or experience the freedom to be naked

and to make people aware that clothing is destroying our planet & making us sick.

The naked body is beautiful and is our natural state.


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