Expression of Interest

I have tried all sorts of things to get people involved with nudism and quite frankly it gets a bit tiring and usually ends up costing me money for no one to turn up, so this is why I have created this page.

Below are a few ideas I have that I am looking for people to show their interest in before I go ahead and do the groundwork.

If interest, please don't just sit back and wait for others to do the work for you. Email me here and let me know what you would be interested in. If you have your own idea on what you would like to do (nude of cause) please let me know and I will see what I can do.

All These Events/Gatherings Are All Done Nude, Naked, & Natural.

Naked Bowling Gold Coast

Nude Swim Nights Gold Coast

Weekend House Boat Trip Tweed Heads

Men's Groups Gold Coast

Women's Group Gold Coast

Body Painting Gold Coast

Ghost Hunting

Live Drawing Art

Naked Bush Walk

Beach Days

Naked Dance Nights

Naked BBQ Day

Home Gatherings 

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My mission is to bring about more places that people can spend and or experience the freedom to be naked

and to make people aware that clothing is destroying our planet & making us sick.

The naked body is beautiful and is our natural state.


If You Would Love To Help Us Get These Messages Out To The World