Getting Naked

With Respect For Nature & For Each Other.

As we spend so much time confined in, steel, concrete, and brick buildings that we quickly forget where we truly come from. Human beings belong in nature. Even modern science shows us the health benefits of not wearing clothes, for example, better immune function, longer lifespan, lowered blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and fewer feelings of anger or hurt. It is now time to spend more time naked in nature.

Getting naked is not about flaunting a perfect body. Whether tall, short, small, or big, it is all about being free of judgment and feeling good in your own skin. I am here to help promote the naked lifestyle and to show people that being naked in a non-sexual way is fun, freeing, and healthy.


I would like to see more people in Australia enjoying a clothes-free lifestyle.

I would like to see more events and places in Australia be opened up for people, young, old, and in between so we can all enjoy being clothes-free in a non-sexual and healthy way.

We should not have to hide our naked bodies, as it is normal and natural to be who we really are.


The idea here is to organise clothes-free events such as bowling days, movies, swimming days, bush walks, and much more.


Your naked self is what truly is important

It is our natural state

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My mission is to bring about more places that people can spend and or experience the freedom to be naked

and to make people aware that clothing is destroying our planet & making us sick.

The naked body is beautiful and is our natural state.


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